Wearing your Ostomy bag sideways: how and why?!

We get asked a lot about how you empty and wear your ComfortBelt and Ostomy bag sideways so we thought it would be a good idea to cover all the necessary points off helping people feel reassured.

When designing the ComfortBelt we trialled it first as a vertical belt. However, we found during our wearer trials that when wearing the belt vertically and having your ostomy bag facing downwards it made life more difficult when worn throughout the whole day. The most common complaints from wearing your ostomy bag vertically were the output filling in the bag unevenly causing bulging around the belt line, which also played on the mind constantly.

The key benefits of wearing your bag and Comfortbelt horizontal are:

  • Support given across your whole ostomy – meaning that from end to end of your ostomy bag its being held in place with no single part pulling on your skin and seal. This helps to prevent bag blow-outs and leaks and the seal is and skin are not being pulled on creating weaknesses.
  • Leakages – if your bag does leak for whatever reason by wearing your ComfortBelt it’ll help by having another barrier before any output touches your clothes. Peace of mind on this will help you to relax and carry on about your daily routine
  • No restriction on output – output can freely build up into your ostomy bag because it’s supported above your belt line filling more evenly.
  • Discreet – having your ostomy bag positioned across your body with the ComfortBelt helps to completely hide your bag enabling you to feel confident in fitted clothing and live your life normally.
  • Comfort – having your ostomy held in place with no restrictions allows you to focus on the important things in life.

The Comfortbelt allows for the bag to still be emptied in the same way just angled slightly differently.  The belt simply needs to be unzipped where the pouch is and then the bottom of the bag pulled through and angled downwards to empty the output.  We found that regardless of the consistency this seemed to work well. 

We shall leave you with this brief note from one of our customers who had felt a little nervous about wearing their ostomy bag sideways As for my concerns with having the bag horizontal, no problem at all, put it on and fitted the belt with ease, this is exactly what I’ve needed all these months”

ComfortBelt designed and build with you in mind.


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Welcome to ComfortBelt

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