People with Ostomies who inspire us

There are so many people with ostomies who are accomplishing amazing things.  Here are few we thought you might like to meet!

Collin Jarvis - One of the faster people on the planet, Collin holds the world record for fastest marathon by a person with an ostomy (2:27 at Edmonton 2019).  Is that fast?  Well he's also a 4:01 miler!

Molly Atwater - Molly has been incredibly generous telling her story that led to ostomy surgery and her path to regaining her life. She is an impressive young woman and her instagram will surely make you smile.

Gaylyn Henderson - Gaylyn gained national attention when she modeled her ostomy pouch in the Aerie REAL campaign.  You can learn more about her at Gutless and Glamorous.

Bella Thomson - Now meet someone really tough.  Bella Thomson has an ileostomy and has undergone 16 other surgeries spending nearly 700 days in the hospital over the past 5 years.  Oh, did we mention that she is just 5 years old?  

Moniqua Demetrious - Moniqua shares what her first month after ostomy surgery due to ulcerative colitis was like.  If you've recently had surgery, you will find it very helpful.  You can learn more about her at Beautifully Made: Inside & Out

Stephanie Hughes - Stephanie created 'The Stolen Colon' where she shares her story (and others' stories) about dealing with Crohns disease and life with an ostomy...and having babies!

Chris Sperry - Chris writes about his decision to enter hospice at the end-stage of bowel cancer in Play All The Seniors. It's sounds depressing, but it's might even smile a few times.

And here are some organizations that inspire and inform us about living with an ostomy and the underlying diseases - Corhns, Ulcerative Colitis, and Cancer - that can lead to an ostomy:



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