Laura and Alex created Comfortbelt out of a desire to give Alex his freedom and confidence back after having an ileostomy. The surgery had taken away the pain, constant medication and anxiety but had resulted in a stoma and a pouch that were very alien and a new daily routine that would prove challenging to get to grips with. Naturally it takes time to adjust to an Ostomy, the daily routine of wearing and changing a pouch made us think there needs to be a product to help with this. We also felt like something was needed to protect the stoma and pouch from daily life of wriggly toddlers, business meetings and tight fitting clothing.


Comfortbelt was developed to provide the ultimate comfort for the wearer both mentally and physically. We also wanted to prevent bag bursts by holding it securely in place and protecting the stoma and make the wearer feel protected and conceal the pouch to give discretion.


We worked hard to get the perfect design, source the right fabric and did countless wearer trials to ensure the product we took to market was the best it could be. We are really proud to be able to hopefully give others the same positive outlook the belt has helped to give Alex.


Laura & Alex