About Us


ComfortBelt was founded in the UK by husband and wife duo, Alex and Laura. Alex had ileostomy surgery, which was a great success at taking away pain and the constant need for medication. Unfortunately, after surgery he found himself with a stoma and pouch that were completely foreign and challenging for him to come to grips with. Together, he and Laura worked to develop a belt that supported its wearer both mentally and physically. Once they perfected their design and Alex put it to the test, they decided they had share it with other Ostomates! Thus, the ComfortBelt was born.


Stealth Belt, Inc. was founded in the US by Richard O'Hamill in 2009. In 2008, he found himself in need of ileostomy surgery due to Crohn's Disease. By 2009, he had designed a belt that gave him so much more comfort and confidence that he knew he had to share it with the world. Since 2009, Stealth Belt, Inc. has grown from a 2 person company to one with over 20 employees, a variety of belt styles, and the ability to create custom belts and options for anyone with an ostomy. They have made it their goal to help anyone with an ostomy have access to a Stealth Belt.


In late 2018, Richard met Alex and Laura through their common interest to provide comfort and support for the ostomy community. In 2019, ComfortBelt was acquired by Stealth Belt, Inc. in order to help serve UK customers with faster and more affordable shipping options. As we move forward together, we are excited to add more Stealth Belt products to the ComfortBelt inventory! ComfortBelt and Stealth Belt are, and will remain, committed to providing quality products and service to everyone with an ostomy.