Q:  I'm concerned about wearing my ostomy pouch sideways.  How does that work?
Wearing your pouch sideways is not a problem...Many people do it.  And, if you think about it, your pouch is not hanging vertically for a good portion of the day anyway while you are sleeping.  See more info here.
Q:  The ComfortBelt looks similar to inexpensive maternity bands and other solutions I've seen.  Why is it more expensive?
Our belt is very different from a maternity band and other inexpensive bands sold by some ostomy clothing companies.  
First the ComfortBelt uses two layers of fabric to create a pouch that encloses the ostomy bag.  The inner layer of fabric keeps the bag away from your skin making it more comfortable and eliminating the sweating that occurs when the bag is pressed directly against the skin by a cheap single-layer band.  
Second, since simple bands are a single layer, they apply equal pressure around your mid-section and over the stoma which can restrict the output from the stoma.  ComfortBelt's multi-layer design reduces pressure over the stoma while still supporting and covering the ostomy bag.
Third, as you can see from the photos, the ComfortBelt is contoured to your body.  A maternity band is a constant width all the way around while the ComfortBelt's width varies: it is wider around the ostomy bag to provide maximum support but narrows around your sides and back for comfort and concealment.
There are many other differences as well including the quality of the fabric and the fact that each ComfortBelt is handmade.  Many customers tell us that they first tried a maternity or simple band only to realize that both the function and comfort are unsatisfactory so they switched to a ComfortBelt.
Q: Some companies sell a variety specialized ostomy underwear and garments.  Why doesn't ComfortBelt offer a wide assortment of ostomy clothing?
Great question!  The ComfortBelt is designed to be worn under your normal clothing.  It solves the ostomy-related concealment and support issues without forcing you to purchase an entirely new wardrobe of individual specialty ostomy garments.  When you put on the ComfortBelt, you can once again wear your favorite clothing with confidence whether you are headed to your workplace, to the gym or yoga studio, or to work in the garden.  And the ComfortBelt is ideal for bedtime too, alone or with your normal sleepwear.
Q: What if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?
We guarantee your satisfaction.  If the fit is not right, simply contact us and we will exchange for the proper size.  If you don't like your ComfortBelt or if it fails to meet your needs, contact us and we will work with you to find a better solution by drawing on the wider variety of products - including custom made belts for special needs - at our sister company Stealth Belt.  If neither ComfortBelt nor Stealth Belt can solve your need, we will gladly refund your purchase price as long as it is within 30 days of your original purchase.
Q: I'm concerned about purchasing over the Internet from a company I don't know.  Can I trust you?
UK-based ComfortBelt was founded in 2015 by a British Army veteran.  US-based Stealth Belt was founded in 2009 by an avid surfer, salsa dancer, and martial arts teacher.  Both founders have ostomies as do many of the people who work for ComfortBelt and Stealth Belt.  Together, the two organizations have 14 years of experience and have helped more than 25,000 patients in 70+ countries.  We offer safe, secure payment in your currency and reliable, affordable shipping from our UK and US locations.  If you have any concerns, please contact us at customerservice@comfortbelt.co.uk and we'll be glad to answer your questions.
Q: Why would I need two belts?
We've found that, after purchasing one belt, many customers come back for a second for two main reasons.
First, because they want to have both a Wrap and a Slip-On style.  In the daytime, they use the Wrap because of the ability to tighten it a bit more when wearing close-fitting clothing or when exercising.  In the evening, they switch to our new ComfortBelt Slip-On belt which is extremely sleek and lightweight making it ideal for sleeping because, no matter which side you sleep on, you are laying on smooth, soft fabric with no Velcro closure.
Second, because they wear their belt everyday, even people who prefer just the Wrap or the Slip-On style purchase two identical belts so they can have one to wear when the other is in the wash.
Q:  Are ComfortBelt products on prescription for the UK's NHS or covered by US Medicare or private insurance?
We have recently started the process to make our products available on prescription, but, at this time, ComfortBelt products are not covered by NHS.  They are covered by US Medicare and many private insurance programs under HCPCS code A4396 however the reimbursement rate is less than half the cost of the product.  
While some people are discouraged by the lack of - or limited - reimbursement programs, virtually everyone who chooses to purchase a ComfortBelt ends up feeling the investment is worthwhile because they discover it is an extremely comfortable garment that enhances the quality of their life.  For about the cost of a favorite sweater or pair of slacks, the ComfortBelt can be worn everyday and allows them to go anywhere and do anything.
With normal wear, ComfortBelts typically last one to three years so the cost averages just pennies a day.  ComfortBelt customers find that is a bargain price for returning to their normal activities and feeling like themselves again.