Q:  What is a ComfortBelt?

ComfortBelt makes ostomy support belts designed for customers who have an ostomy or urostomy. It’s made with Nylon-Lycra, perfect for providing a snug fit for maximum support, comfort and protection. Our belts support your appliance by allowing it to fill evenly until time to empty, which can be done using the convenient zipper located at the bottom.


Q:  Can I empty my bag while wearing the ComfortBelt?

Yes! The ComfortBelt stays comfortably in place without the need to adjust anything while you empty your appliance. The zippered pouch at the bottom gives you easy access to your appliance for emptying.


Q:  Should I wear my ostomy appliance horizontally or vertically? How does that work?

Wearing your ostomy appliance horizontally, or sideways, is not a problem. In fact, most of our customers find it to be convenient! See more info here.


Q:  How do I wash my ComfortBelt?

Machine wash your ComfortBelt on gentle with all closures fastened on the belt to prevent Velcro from picking other clothing. You may also wash your belt in a pillowcase for extra care. Machine dry your belt on delicate cycle. You may hand wash and drip dry your belt for longer durability.


Q:  Why should I have more than one belt?

Having more than one belt is beneficial for many reasons. Many customers find it helpful to have one belt to wear while the other is in the wash, so they don’t have to go a day without their ComfortBelt. Also, we offer different belt styles for different purposes. We offer a Slip-on style for sleeping and more leisurely situations, while our Pro and Vertical Pro styles are more supportive and adjustable to keep up with you and your active lifestyle.


Q:  Can I swim in my ComfortBelt?

Yes! The ComfortBelt Pro works great in the water! We use Nylon-Lycra, a material similar to swimwear or biking gear, that holds your appliance securely in place while in and out of the water.


Q:  Are ComfortBelt products on prescription with NHS or covered by health insurances?

We are in the process of making our products available on prescription with NHS; however, at this time, ComfortBelt products are not currently covered in the UK.

You can submit a ComfortBelt purchase to your individual insurance company to determine if they choose to cover it or not. Currently, Medicare offers a partial refund. Private insurance companies are subject to different coverage. When submitting to insurance, provide the HCPCS code: A4396.


Q: How do I return or exchange my belt?

To return an item, email us about your return within 10 days of receiving your purchase. We will respond with the return steps and a return shipping address. We offer refunds & exchanges for returned belts that have been unworn and returned in their original condition. Please email us at customerservice@comfortbelt.co.uk to request a return or exchange. Refunds do not include shipping.


For any other questions or concerns regarding our products, please contact our customer service team at: customerservice@comfortbelt.co.uk