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Welcome to ComfortBelt and our first blog post! We have been busy over the last year developing a belt that will hopefully change your life for the better! It was important to me to design a belt that hugged the wearer and made them feel safe and secure with a fabric so soft to touch that you didn’t want to take it off.  We searched high and low for this fabric and in the end it was an Italian material that made the cut (many top end designers use the same for their garments). After months of wearer trials and countless tweaks we have finally got a product that I am really proud to take to market.

We value feedback, good or bad so I really look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!

It would be great to hear from you and your experience so get in contact via info@comfortbelt.co.uk or use the comments below.


ComfortBelt on 09 Apr, 2016

Hi Claire,

The Comfortbelt has been designed with post surgery in mind as it protects and supports the bag and the Stoma from being pulled or knocked and keeps it in place giving you added peace of mind.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

claire on 02 Apr, 2016

How doon can you wear after surgery

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